My first Kickstarter, WanderSquares: The Underwood Tunnels, was a relative success. I raised $32,262 from 451 amazing backers, surpassing the campaign goal of $24,000 by 134%. I managed to design, produce, print and assemble 500 tabletop games in 5 or 6 months after the campaign closed. I’ve since shipped most…

Most designers I know have a passion project. Mine happens to be a game. WanderSquares is a fantasy table-top role-playing game for adventurers, age 9 and up. It features an expanding, ever-changing map, a 100-page choose-your-path adventure guide and 16 inspiring characters to choose from. WanderSquares is live on Kickstarter

Whiteboard 101: Seize the Marker

I recently shared out the output of a day-long collaboration workshop with my design team at Adobe. Over the day we filled up the whiteboard many times over, and papered the wall with post-its. I received a lot of questions about how the workshop was run and structured, how to…

Three basic questions to guide your decision

A smart, young candidate asked me this question on the other day, “How do you decide between different opportunities?” She had a couple great offers to consider. Here’s how I answered, with a few afterthoughts:

  1. Where will you learn the most? If you are at the beginning of your career…

I wanted to capture a few thoughts about my recent interview process while they’re fresh in my mind. I’m on day 8 of my new role at Adobe, and a few of the expectations set during the interview process have been confirmed.

As I get up to speed on the…

Matthew Carlson

Design Director, Creative Cloud Experience at @Adobe. Sketchbook junkie & stealer of pens. Black Belt in whiteboarding & late-night game designer. #ally-he/him

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